Theme Bush Dinners


Dine under the starry Pawalgarh, Kaladhungi, Corbett sky in the heart of the forest.
Experience the beauty of nature and culture. You will sit around a Bonfire under the stars and indulge with the locals as they share their stories about the forest. This theme creates a vibrant atmosphere and a delight for all as locals sing songs while drinks and food are brought to you around the fire.
Elegant Vibes 
You will enter into a world of elegance, beauty and romance. The outdoor feel, surrounded by dimly lit lanterns and unending bush beyond, is the perfect setting for a quiet evening under the stars. Dinner will be served to you on richly decorated table lit with candles. A personal butler with a bar will accompany you as you enjoy your tranquil night to the sounds of the wild.

Yoga Breakfast

Located in a scenic spot overlooking the forest, this breakfast features the traditional Indian cuisine rich of Indian herbs which will be made fresh (on glowing charcoal fires) as well as a selection of exotic fruits.

Sun Downers

A lovely way to end a beautiful day out in the wild. You will be taken to a breathtaking spot overlooking the beautiful landscape, usually dotted with wildlife and watch the sun set over the forests. A glowing campfire, bar, tables, chairs and personal staff will welcome you. A rare overwhelming feeling of tranquility and beauty will take over you as you see Pawalgarh, Corbett Nainital at its best.


Starry Night Jungle Ride

Ever wondered what the sky look like from a Jeep ride in the middle of the forest, or what it is like to drive out after sunset and have a drink? Here’s your chance to in indulge in an experience you will never forget. A small bar will be set up for you. For as far as the eye can see you will only enjoy a drink to the moonlit.

Romantic Poolside Dinner

Lounge in complete privacy under a cozy pool-side shack and soak up the romance of a candlelit dinner.




Discover the local tribes and explore the virgin landscapes and its vivid wildlife with our local guide. We offer two types of treks: The Village Trek: Explore the village and understand the people of the forest and the Endless Horizons Trek: Take a Jeep and head into the horizon to explore the land across the water. Many tribes, villages and wildlife inhabit this beautiful area.

Bullock Cart Rides

Ride out into the valley in a bullock cart and explore the surroundings with some snacks and drinks.

Star Gazing


Enjoy some backyard astronomy on the banks of the backwaters and learn a thing or two about Pawalgarh, Corbett sky.

Photography Lessons

Learn the art of photography and practice your newly learnt talents on Wildlife. This includes a 30-­‐minute drive through thick forest.

Bird Watching

Take the book of Indian birds and head out with a bird specialist.

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Bird Watching, Wildlife and Safari

Bird Watching

We in "Jungle Eco Resort" are delight with the beauty of our feathered friends: The birds.

Everyday at our resort including gardens and specially not only during the breakfast but also during all the day long, you are fortunate to see and observe the colours of the birds that visit us and nest year upon year.

Their songs are to be enjoyed, and we get amazed every time we find a new feathered friend. As birds continue to fascinate people around the world, Pawalgarh is one of the leading destination for birdwatchers.

So many bird species and habitats, and the possibility to access them within relatively short distances make this small country a paradise for birdwatchers. We really recommend while you visit "Jungle Eco Resort", to take some time to participate in a Bird watching Tour not just watch the birds, but to enjoy their behaviours and songs, and the special aspects of their habitats, after all that is the essence of bird watching.

Our Tour guide puts special personalized attention on every single detail of our tours working consistently to make sure individual clients or group participants get the best out of their birding time in Pawalgarh.

The interest and involvement in conservation efforts is an important part of "Jungle Eco Resort". We respect and regard the environment around. This count seeks to provide a better understanding of the bird species and populations in the area, and at the same time to encourage conservation efforts among the local population of Pawalgarh, Chhoti Haldwani and around, to attract a more environmentally concerned type of tourism.

We at "Jungle Eco Resort" also provide high quality bird watching tours for avid and novice birders.

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Wildlife From Resort

The resort is situated in the most promising area of experiencing the birding, wildlife and Jungle theme. Its very purpose is served in implementing solutions to this conflict. Apart from the movement of the villages of the area around the lands, wilderness also moves around in and around our premises. If you are lucky, you may even hear tiger roaring into the night, its terror stricken prey sounding their alarm calls. 
·  Village Walk & Local Market Tour.
·  Community Projects & Volunteering Opportunities.
·  Experience Farming in the Village.
Come day break and birdlife descends on the ticket left of the camp.



You will never experience the true jungle unless you get into the forest. The more you get in the more you will be exposed to the forests true treasurers. Many a wonderful experiences, many a poignant moment can be experienced on safari. The early morning drives are breath taking.
There can be nothing more haunting than a herd of elephants gliding through the early morning mist, or the alarm calls of sambar, spotted deer and peacocks as they warn of a tigers presence. Though the forest and its beautiful animals are never in a hurry, everything happens at lightning speed. So when you are in the forest, keep absolutely silent and observe all that happens around you.

wildlife & Safari Tour
At Jungle Eco we offer you a unique Safari experience where you will explore the forest


Guest involvement in all the above mentioned volunteer programs is welcomed and encouraged.


Personalised Itineraries

At The Jungle Eco Resort we give you the option to customize your wildlife holiday and fulfill your safari dreams. We tailor make your itineraries based on not only your budget, but also your interests, the duration of your stay and your preferences.
Furthermore, we have incorporated special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries etc. with our custom and personalised packages.
These itineraries can be further customized for couples, families and special interests.

Special occasion Itineraries

Enter a world where wilderness meets romance.
Whether it’s a private poolside backwater breakfast, or a beautifully set up candle lit dinner in the heart of the forest, or a star gazing with drinks under a star flooded sky, we ensure your holiday exudes not only romance for those who seek it, but the adventure of it all will give you an experience that remains unmatched in India.
These can be customized to suit all occasions such as honeymoons, birthdays and anniversaries etc.
We guarantee you an unforgettable experience. If you are game… So are we!

Photography and Wildlife related Itineraries

Are you a wildlifer, looking to track the leopard, tiger and other elusive game. Or are you a photographer looking to understand and learn how to use the dapple light of the forest to best compliment your subjects? In both instances, our naturalists will prove to be the perfect allies.
Tiger spotting: Travelling inside the park by jeep safari offers the best chance of seeing a tiger.


Elephant rides: Taking an elephant ride is an experience in itself, the chance of seeing a tiger from elephant beck is much more. You simply feel much closure to the forest and thrill is even greater.
Fishing: Fishing is allowed in the river Kosi and Dabka with a special permit. These waters are rich with Mahseer. Angling trips can be arranged with prior information.

Treks: The reserve forest around the resort is ideal for treks to
-  Sitabani which is about 5 km on a forest trail.

- Short trails to river Dabka Valley.

- The 5km trail from the resort to Kyari village passes through dense forests and is also known for its bird richness

- A 5km trail to Sandani Gaja takes you through dense sal and riverine forest .

Corbett Lore - In the evening swapping stories of the days adventure around the resort's musical night time bonfire and there is nothing quite like reading one of the Jim Corbett's spine tingling tales of tracking tigers in the very place where many of his great adventures took place.
Watch a movie on the big screen.

Picnic Spots – We arrange special picnic for you individually or on a family/group to the lesser known but yet the most unique places which are very  
-Corbett Fall (10km)
-Laduagarh Fall (7 km)
-Kotabagh (3 km)
-Corbett museum (Corbett Village.) (15 km) -   The house where Jim Corbett lived during winter at Choti Haldwani half way between the resort and Naininital is now a museum.
Rural Tourism - Visit  the local village and experience the laid back life of  the local people.